MySQL port won't understand SSL configuration directives

Matt Bostock matt at
Sun Jun 4 20:35:24 PDT 2006

Greg 'groggy' Lehey wrote:

> The FreeBSD ports of MySQL don't install a my.cnf file; if they did,
> it would be in /usr/local/etc/, not /etc.  So it looks as if this is
> something you've done.

Thanks for your reply Greg.

From experience I've found that MySQL usually looks for /etc/my.cnf, and
it obviously is if it's complaining about a directive in there.

> The /xxxxxxxxx refers to a file name, of
> course. Does the file exist?

Yes; the SSL CA points to /dev/null and the certificate and key both
point to their respective files in /var/db/mysql/ssl/, chowned
mysql:mysql and chmod 440.

> Which version of MySQL?  This facility was introduced with release 4.0
> of MySQL.

4.1, fresh from the ports today.

Many thanks,

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