is vinum in FBSD 6.0?

Greg 'groggy' Lehey grog at
Sun Jun 4 18:18:47 PDT 2006

On Friday,  2 June 2006 at  5:04:15 -0500, Kevin Kinsey wrote:
> Travis H. wrote:
>> Is there some kind of IP lawsuit over vinum or something?
> If so, it's never been mentioned ;-)

It has now, but it's the first time I've heard of it.

> It's a valid question, but I don't think Greg's that kind of guy.
> As for Veritas, I *think* they had some sort of agreement (re: the
> name), (but I could be blowing smoke there); IIRC, vinum(8) was
> "patterned after the idea of" the Veritas software, and not in any
> way a "copy" or "clone" of it....

In fact, I never asked VERITAS.  I only modelled Vinum on VxVM,
anyway; there are big differences.

In any case, there was one IP issue at the very beginning: I developed
the RAID-5 functionality under contract with Cybernet Inc., and part
of that agreement was that I would not release it until 18 months
after it became functional.  That time has long passed, and RAID-5 has
of course been released.  There have never been any conflicts arising
from IP issues, neither with Cybernet, VERITAS, myself or anybody

> As others have stated, vinum has been replaced by "gvinum".  Greg
> had stated in the past that the GEOM layer's introduction had "badly
> broken vinum", so I'm guessing that vinum was removed so that no one
> would attempt to use it on a newer system and get "unexpected"
> results.

The original intention was to modify Vinum to work with GEOM.  Lukas
did the work, and he chose to rewrite significant parts of it, and
also to rename it.  I disagreed with both of these decisions (see the
problems they've caused, like what's being discussed here), but he's
the man, and he gets to call the shots.

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