mount windows xp

Atanas Atanasov thenasko at
Sun Jun 4 14:34:55 PDT 2006

I often do this and there are two practical solutions. One is as
Garrett mentioned to simply have a small FAT32 partition that suits
your needs (remember max file size is 4GB), call it buffer, and mount
if from both OS. A better solution may be to use samba. This is much
better, but you need an extra server running either pure Windows or
some alternative OS with samba server. Then you simply access this
server from both OS and it should not be a problem hopefully.
Sometimes I am surprised by the wonders an extra smbfs record in fstab
can do. It is very very practical, believe me. It has saved me out of
sticky situations a number of times. Just remember to put tight
security settings on the file server.


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