mount windows xp

Tsu-Fan Cheng tfcheng at
Sun Jun 4 12:59:15 PDT 2006

Hi, thank you guys so much for the answer, I use mount_ntfs and now
it's okay. But.. I want to move a file from freebsd disk to xp disk,
as root. i cd to where I want to file to go e.g. /mnt/My
Doument.../here, then run mv /path/to/file .
it gives: ./xxx no such file or directory

?? what now??

p.s. i tried copy and it's the same..

many thanks!!


On 6/3/06, Tsu-Fan Cheng <tfcheng at> wrote:
> hi,
>   i have a problem when trying to mount windows xp disk, I have
> freebsd6.1/amd64 on a SATA and wondows xp on a 80gb regular ATA disk
> separatly. I boot into freebsd and under /dev, it shows:
> ad0
> ad0s1
> ad4
>  ad4s1
> ....
> ...
> ad0 is the win$$ disk and ad4 is fbsd disk. I use mount_msdosfs /dev/ad0s1
> /mnt
> it gives:
> Invalid argument
> i heard something about not being to mount a disk too big, so I put the
> "MSDOSFS_LARGE" option in my kernel config, sitll no use. any idea??
> thanks!!

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