FreeBSD and newer HDD problems ?

Pavel Duda element at
Sun Jun 4 10:54:06 PDT 2006

Mikhail Goriachev wrote:
> Pavel Duda wrote:
>>I've recently bought new big HDD (WDC RE, 320GB) and it looks like
>>FreeBSD has some troubles with it when trying to transfer files over
>>If I try to perform some "synthetic" test like 'dd if=/dev/zero
>>of=/wdc320/testfile' then I get some decent speeds about 40MB/s. When I
>>try to copy some big files from my older disk (IBM 40GB) I still have
>>write about 25-27MB/s.
>>Problem comes when I try to copy something to disk over network (tried
>>samba, ftp) disk write speed is very low - about 5-6MB/s at max.
>>When testing this issue I've start 'systat -vmstat 1' and noticed that
>>my new disk is very busy (60-100%) and speed (MB/s) jumps up and down.
>>If I write files with 'dd' or transfer them from disk 2 disk then write
>>speed and disk load is almost constant (about 60%). When transfering
>>files over network to old HDD then disk load is low (40-50%) and speed
>>is constant (8-9MB/s).
>>To be sure that disk it is not some kind of disk problem I've installed
>>Debian 3.1r2 with same version of samba and I get 9-11MB/s transfer
>>speeds (in both directions) !!
>>Also it doesn't matter if I use transfer data over gigabit card or
>>100mbit card. Results are similar. FreeBSD is in avarage very very slow
>>(3MB) while Debian works fine (10MB). Because my server is primarily
>>used for transfer files (Samba + PDC) it is crucial for me to have
>>highest transfer speeds possible and I'd like to stick with FreeBSD :-/.
>>Does someone has any idea what could be wrong or how could I determine
>>what causes this problem ?
> Hi,
> This effect is normal since you're transferring files over relatively
> slow network. The speed through 100Mb/s Ethernet will be around 5 or
> 6MB/s and probably you can't go any faster due to your hardware
> limitations (switch, cables, processor, controllers and especially their
> drivers).
> Currently there are a few active threads related to similar issues
> (controllers and their drivers). You might be interested in following them:
> Cheers,
> Mikhail.

Hmmm so how you explain that with Debian system on SAME machine I'm ABLE 
to get transfer speeds about 10MB/s ?? Or do you mean I can't go faster 
with FreeBSD and only solution is switch to Linux ??

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