n00b question again

Vitaly D katsuo_harada_evil_does at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 4 09:37:12 PDT 2006

>From: Pete C <bsdneo at thechristies.net>
>To: freebsd <freebsd-questions at freebsd.org>
>Subject: Re: n00b question again
>Date: Sun, 04 Jun 2006 11:28:44 -0400
>Quoting dharam paul <exiaf_radar_guy38 at yahoo.co.in>:
>>No Sir, the freebsd machine is an independent machine
>>, intext mode only and is meant for only serving
>>internet to the windows machines. Yahoo messenger is
>>not installed on this machine.
>guessing . . . but most (nOOb) gateway machines use . . .

what should use a not noob gateway machine ?

Windows Live Mail : découvrez et testez la version bêta ! 

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