Does FreeBSD 4.11-STABLE support the 8237R?

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Sat Jun 3 15:05:13 PDT 2006

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>notice this thread is in reference to swapping a MB for another MB and
>coments like yours are not appreciated.
>Please notice I never said what the box was doing nor did I ask for your
>opinion of what MB/NIC I use in my systems.

Makes no difference, he has as much right to sound off as you do
as long as he sounds off on FreeBSD or a directly related topic.  This
is a public forum.  If you don't like a post, delete it.

As I've said before on this mailing list, freebsd-questions is a public
mailing list that is FREE support.  You don't "have it your way" you
"have it the responders way"

If you can shuck some pearls out of the oyster bed here, your doing
better than most, but you have no right to urinate all over the oyster
bed just because you don't find any pearls.

If you want it "your way" I suggest you investigate PAID support.  There
are plenty of people out there taking money for support, and they will
give you the support any way you want, on as nice a silver platter and
bed of roses and as polite as you want.

> This SERVER is
>purpose built
>and runs stable 24/7 as a low volume outbound mail server so
>the performance
>of the NIC is not my primary concern.

You have no need to justify what your doing to him or to me or to
Why bother doing it.

> Please keep your useless
>comments to
>yourself as they do nothing but waste disk space, CPU time and
>the valuable
>time of people who attempt to help others on this list.

His comments may be useless to you but not to everyone reading.
You don't know what people are looking for when they google the
archives or read this mailing list.  If your mother read your response
she would say "your just sinking to his level" and you need to
keep that in perspective here.  Of course, if my mother read my comments
here she would say "speech is wasted on the deaf" and I should keep
that in perspective, and I do, most of the time.


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