how to avoid recompiling applications?

Jonathan Horne jhorne at
Sat Jun 3 10:12:43 PDT 2006

i have a system that i tend to tear up quite often.  sometimes accidently, 
sometimes not.  recompiling kde is quite a long process (and when i try to do 
it from packages, something is always messed up).

so, i was under the impression that if you *did not* make install clean (thus, 
only using 'make clean') and save your work directories, then when it came 
time to reinstall something, you would not have to go thru the compile 
process, and skip straight to the installation?

example is, last night i compiled xorg from ports, but then tried to (against 
my better judgement) pull down kde from packages.  utter catastrophe, after 
removing the non-working kde-package, kde3 port would not even compile after 
that.  anyway, long story short, i backed up 
my /usr/ports, /usr/src, /usr/obj, and reinstalled.  using my restored backup 
files, reapplying my old kernel and installworld went just without issue, i 
skipped the buildworld and buildkernel just fine, no hitches.  but when i 
went to reinstall the xorg from last night (all the work directories were 
still there), 'make install' returned no output, and nothing happened.  what 

i ended up having to do a make clean on my ports dir before i could continue.  
in the future for me, is there a way to proeperly retain all the precompiled 
stuff, and just skip right to the installation portion of my previously 
compiled ports?


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