phpMyAdmin problem - no Edit/Delete on Browse

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Fri Jun 2 10:36:33 PDT 2006

I use phpMyAdmin on freebsd 6.1 and it has working edit/delete on
browsed rows.
I did pkg_add -r for mysql5 then had to run port for php5 doing make
config first to select apache module. The package version on
phpmyadmin is broken because it needs some other dependant wicch is
broken. Use port version of phpmyadmin first run "make config" and
de-select all options then make install. It will use php5 and mysql5
because it finds them all ready installed.This should also work on
your 5.4 system

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On Sun, 28 May 2006 at 18:26:46 +0100, Matthew Seaman wrote:
 > Ian Smith wrote:
 > > On Sun, 28 May 2006, Matthew Seaman wrote:
 > >  > Ian Smith wrote:
 > >  > > running 5.4-RELEASE and installed phpMyAdmin with
pkg_add -r
 > > [..]
 > You would be well advised to upgrade to the latest phpMyAdmin,
which is
 > version 2.8.1, and is in the current ports. There are a number of
 > problems that affect many earlier versions.  If you look at the
list of
 > security announcements at
 > then with version 2.6.1pl3 you're potentially vulnerable to
anything announced
 > after PMASA-2005-1

It's good advice for sure, however not practicable at the moment.
As I
said, this laptop is not net-accessible, and I just needed to get a
done.  According to the requirement list, I'd have to update php,
mysql version! - surely a case of the tail wagging the dog? - and
xorg, pretty much everything.  Not really doable on a 28.8k modem

So, given my broadband application is on 'hold' awaiting local
which might take months, I'm going for a 6.1 4-CD set as soon as
available; packages and/or distfiles is really the only way to go
those (still many) parts of the planet without fast, cheap

 > > Think I'll start again with the installed config.  I really
can't recall
 > > if this problem was there since installation, but as mentioned
all other
 > > import/export, create/drop/copy database/table, adding rows etc
all just
 > > works well so far, excepting edit/delete availability on

I did start again from scratch; no difference.  Still can't believe
such a show-stopper bug wouldn't have obviously affected many
users on 5.4 - people do use it to edit records, don't they? - so
have to suspect some local config issue.  Tried another browser and

 > I have a vague memory that I've seen something like this
mentioned as a
 > bugfix in the release notes for phpMyAdmin, but I can't put my
finger on
 > exactly where.  You can see the release notes for most phpMyAdmin
 > here:
 > but the formatting is all wrong before the 2.8.x series.

Yes, read every one since 2.6.1; nothing that struck me as even

Anyway, thankyou Matthew for your helpful advice and clues.

Cheers, Ian

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