Recommendation for 1000BASE-SX card?

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> > but I'm 
> >generally of 
> >the opinion that FreeBSD works just fine, most of the time, on 
> >most hardware, 
> >without any specific tweaking or tuning to be entirely usable.
> >
> It does not.  In reality, current versions of FreeBSD work better
> on current versions of hardware.  FreeBSD has a terrible history
> of breaking things that used to work on old hardware, then
> when someone complains that something is broken, the developers
> in effect tell them their old hardware is crappy junk and to buy new
> hardware.
> Try running FreeBSD 6.X on a 80486 or Pentium system.

FreeBSD 6.x works just fine on a Pentium system, as long as you have enough

>  FreeBSD 4.11
> runs just fine on that hardware, if a bit slowly.  But, I don't need
> speed to control my garden sprinklers.

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