is vinum in FBSD 6.0?

Mikhail Goriachev mikhailg at
Thu Jun 1 22:32:06 PDT 2006

Travis H. wrote:
> I recently installed 6.0, and there doesn't seem to be a vinum binary.
> There is a gvinum binary, but it doesn't even implement all of the
> commands in its own help screen.
> I'm somewhat confused.  Did I screw up my install, or is this normal?
> Is there some kind of IP lawsuit over vinum or something?


The following is an extract from:


Note: Starting with FreeBSD 5, Vinum has been rewritten in order to fit
into the GEOM architecture (Chapter 18), retaining the original ideas,
terminology, and on-disk metadata. This rewrite is called gvinum (for
GEOM vinum). The following text usually refers to Vinum as an abstract
name, regardless of the implementation variant. Any command invocations
should now be done using the gvinum command, and the name of the kernel
module has been changed from vinum.ko to geom_vinum.ko, and all device
nodes reside under /dev/gvinum instead of /dev/vinum. As of FreeBSD 6,
the old Vinum implementation is no longer available in the code base.



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