system recovery

Jonathan Horne jhorne at
Thu Jun 1 18:12:37 PDT 2006

On Wednesday 31 May 2006 21:28, Olivier Nicole wrote:
> > or, can someone recommend how i might use that tarball of my entire
> > system to quickly get a new system up and running (all this with the
> > assumtion that i have not changed any hardware configurations).  if
> > someone has time to answer quickly, i would sure appreciate it.
> I think that the recovery system that lies on one of the CDs has
> tar. You could boot the recovery system and untar the things.
> Olivier
> _______________________________________________

well, i sucessfully recovered my system, back just as it was before my 
tinkering got out of control.  here was my (probably quite unorthodox) 

1) mount my external drive that contained my system tarball.  untar the entire 
backup of the old system
2) rm -rf /boot, and replace it with my old (which had my recompiled kernel)
3) cd to usr, then cp -vpnRP src obj /usr.  (this recovered my most recently 
built world)
4) reboot to single, do my mergematers and install world, reboot back to 
normal again.
5) enter the directory that holds my untarred system backup.  cp -vpnRP * / 
(this copied the root of the old, over the root of the new, but skipping 
anything that exists... assuming that anything that exists that is crashably 
inportnat, was recently upgraded with the buildworld)
6) rm -rf /etc/ and /usr/local/etc/.  replace both with etc/ and 
usr/local/etc/ from the tarball.
7) reboot.  i logged in as my normal user, which i did not create as a part of 
my reinstall.  everything seems to have picked up and kept going as if 
nothign happened, excluding /tmp.... i could not write to it at first (and 
thus, could not startkde, but i 777'd it and now things are working).

it took me 3 attempts to finally cp -vpnRP correctly, without spewing files 
all over the wrong places, but i have to say, im pretty happy with my result!

(/me scratches "practice total system recovery" off list of things to do)


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