Net dies after many torrent packets, BUG?!

nocturnal nocturnal at
Thu Jun 1 06:32:57 PDT 2006


One thing i should have mentioned is that this only happens with 
rtorrent. For example i can transfer in 10Mbit+(not much plus) from 
work, where i have no bandwidth restriction, for hours without problems. 
Using scp, i have not tried with ftp and very large files. When i 
transfer large files from work with scp i can maintain a speed of 
10Mbit+ for long periods of times without problems. This problem has 
only happened because of rtorrent using a lot of bandwidth. And as i 
said earlier it happens when using less bandwidth to.

Med vänliga hälsningar

Stefan Midjich aka nocturnal

Lowell Gilbert wrote:
> nocturnal <nocturnal at> writes:
>> Not sure if this is already posted or already reported as a bug
>> because i honestly don't have time for those things.
>> I have reproduced this problem a few times but it has some special
>> requirements. For example i download a torrent from a very fast peer
>> in the rtorrent client. I have reproduced this with both rTorrent
>> 0.4.5 - 
>> libTorrent 0.8.5 and two earlier versions which i don't remember. My
>> friend is using the same versions as i am now and reported no problems
>> in the latest development versions, he only started using them
>> today. I have a 10/10Mbit connection at home and this happens when
>> rtorrent is downloading at max speed. It varies somewhere around
>> 7-10Mbit but never over 10Mbit by much. My friend only has a capacity
>> of 1Mbit but got the same problem.
>> This is why i'm reporting this because if it turns out that this can
>> be reproduced by sending speciall crafted packets or packets in a
>> special order then i guess it's pretty serious. I highly doubt this
>> but still, a user process should not kill the net like rtorrent has
>> done.
>> Both me and my friend were running FreeBSD 6.0 RELEASE when this happened.
>> I was not going to report this but a friend just told me he gets the
>> exact same results on FreeBSD 6.0 so i felt i should tell someone.
> Do you have good NICs?

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