system load mrtg ?

Laurence Sanford lauasanf at
Thu Jun 1 03:41:21 PDT 2006

Frank Bonnet wrote:
> Hello
> I'm searching for some tools that are able to produce
> some graphics ( understandables by managers ...) to
> show the system load ( CPU . DISK I/O , memory ... etc etc )
> The purpose is to show how the machine ( mailhub ) is loaded
> to replace it by a stronger box.
MRTG will do this, you just need to make sure you provide it with the 
proper information. I run MRTG to monitor many things on many machines, 
including cpu usage, load averages, memory free/shared/cached/buffered 
and disk space available as well as traffic (as it was intended for). 
The easiest way I know how to tell you to set this up is configure your 
favorite SNMP service on the machine to be monitored, and snmpbulkwalk 
<options> machine > mibfile then go through mibfile to find the 
information you need and put it in the MRTG config file. Lots of good 
help on stuff like this on the MRTG site.

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