scponlyc on 6.1

User Gandalf gandalf at
Thu Jun 1 01:42:13 PDT 2006


I have installed scponlyc with the chroot option:

#cd /usr/ports
#cd shells/scponly/

I have used scponly on Linux before, so I knew that there is a special 
makefile inside.

#cd work/scponly-4.4/
#make jail

I have created a new chrooted, scp only user. Here are the files that 
were created by 'make jail':

echo    pwd
bin     lib     libexec
groups  id
./usr/libexec:     sftp-server

Now if I try to do 'su -l scpuser' then I do not get any error messages 
but nothing happens. If I try to login with WinSCP, it tells me that my 
shell is incompatible with bash.
Is this a problem with the port? What am I doing wrong?  What logfiles 
should I check? (/var/log/messages tell nothing...)



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