uninstall httpd + others to get a base system only

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Tue Jan 31 17:09:08 PST 2006

Have you tried
pkg_info  to get list of installed ports.
Then do pkg_delete name
using the full name from the info list with all the version numbers

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	I've played around with my FreeBSD server a little too much, and I
a lot of useless ports installed, especially apache, PHP+ext, etc...
was wondering how to uninstall them and get back to a base system
of).  I tried uninstalling apache by doing 'make deinstall' in the
directories apache13, apache13-modssl, apache13-modperl, but it says
is not installed.

	I'm from the linux world and I'm trying FreeBSD.  What I'd like to
is to do the equivalent of yum -y remove httpd (or apt-get remove
apache).  This way, apache would be removed and all the software it
depends on.

Thanks for your help.

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