Program for restarting stopped/crashed daemons

Derek Ragona derek at
Tue Jan 31 15:47:57 PST 2006

You can try bigsister for some of this:

But coding to check apache is trivial.  I have rolled my own apache monitor 
as the daemon doesn't die but will stop responding at times.


At 04:02 PM 1/31/2006, db wrote:
>Hi all
>I've been looking for a program to restart apache, postfix and my other 
>daemons when they stop/crash, but couldn't find a good one. I've read the
>sourcecode for sysutils/monit and sysutils/monitord but they seem to
>need /proc and insist on poll instead of using kqueue(2) and kevent(2). So
>before I start coding my own, can someone recommend a port or tell me why
>kevent(2) shouldn't be used for this?
>Best regards
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