Proper FreeBSD installation practices

Alvaro J. Gurdián AJGurdian at
Tue Jan 31 15:34:18 PST 2006

Oh, I forgot to mention that I had tried that.  It downloaded the 
package but when I checked, pkg_check bind9-9.3.2 it said the package 
did not exist and pkg_check bind9-9.3.1 it gave me all the appropriate 

On Jan 31, 2006, at 6:08 PM, lars wrote:

> You could also try
> # pkg_add -r bind9
> for kicks.

> Maybe the FTP repository you are getting the package from
> simply doesn't have the newest package(s).

I have tried two others with the same result.

> Otherwise, update your ports tree and install from there.

I thought using sysinstall and telling it to get the ports from FTP 
would the latest and freshest around

I would prefer to install from ports, but it looks like I will have to 
use ISC's code directly to compile.

I cannot be the only one with this problem.......unless I am doing 
something wrong.

Any ideas?

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