converting pdfs with xpdf

Dave dmehler26 at
Tue Jan 31 08:36:22 PST 2006

    I'm running freebsd6 and xpdf 3.01_2. I've got pdfs that i want to 
convert to ps and text documents in four different areas in my home 
directory. I could convert them such as:
pdfto format file1.pdf etc.
but i was wondering if there was a faster way? My second issue is some of 
these files are pdf 1.6 and as i've already tried xpdf won't convert these 
docs, does anyone have xpdf working with pdf 1.6 files?
    Second, after i convert all these docs there are three patterns i'd like 
to remove from them, all having spaces and & signs in them. Again, i could 
do this manually, but i was wondering one if there was a faster way and two 
if i could do this on the tail end of the conversion process so i would only 
have to issue one command and come back probably a while later, these files 
are big, and it's all done?

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