How many IP address aliases can practically be used on one physical Ethernet interface?

Danial Thom danial_thom at
Tue Jan 31 07:12:53 PST 2006

--- Chuck Swiger <cswiger at> wrote:

> tomasflyer at wrote:
> > I am implementing and using a test bed
> simulating a huge amount of IP
> > clients, each preferable having a unique IP
> address. There is no, no way
> > to have an individual physical interface for
> each simulated client so I
> > use IP aliases.
> Use BPF or libnet to generate test traffic
> using spoofed IPs, rather than
> actually configuring a machine with thousands
> of IPs.  There are also companies
> which make hardware IP traffic generators, if
> you want to buy a solution rather
> than building one.
> For most purposes, generating 1000 connection
> requests from one host using 1 IP
> is pretty close to generating 1000 connection
> requests from one host using 1000 IPs.

Depends what you're testing of course. 

Use raw sockets and then you can "simulate"
whatever IPs you without regard to the address of
the interface.


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