WLAN not detected on Acer TM 292ECLi

freebsd at juiceless.net freebsd at juiceless.net
Tue Jan 31 05:27:36 PST 2006

> You could check it with pciconf -lv.

Thanks I'll check it.

> I don't think you read and followed the port's instructions:
> |You must choose the correct mode depending on how you want to
> |use your adapter.
> |
> |For instance, to download firmware for BSS mode:
> |
> |  # iwicontrol -i iwi0 -d /boot/firmware -m bss
> Fabian

I did follow the instructions, but the problem is that the adapter is not
detected at all, which means I can't use iwicontrol and that other stuff,
because I don't have a iwi0 device.

I did a verbose boot but did not find anything peculiar in that boot
message either. When loading the if_iwi module, I get output that confirm
it's loading ok. But I don't know how to read all the verbose output that
well - I try to get it online so maybe someone can help me?

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