Can't see second CPU on IBM eServer x346 (FBSD5.4 and 6.0 amd64)

Anto Prijosoesilo antop64 at
Mon Jan 30 23:59:49 PST 2006


I'm having a problem installing FreeBSD/amd64 SMP on a
couple of IBM x346 servers. Both have dual XEON 3.0GHz
EM64T processors but OS seems to only enable one of

ACPI has to be disabled on both machines for them to
boot, otherwise they will hang after probing the

I'm using the SMP kernel config unedited.

Mptable on both machines show that there are 2 CPUs:

Processors:     APIC ID Version State           Family
 Model   Step    Flags
                 0       0x14    BSP, usable     15   
  4       1       0x0301
                 6       0x14    AP, usable      15   
  4       1       0x0301

Sysctl hw.ncpu returns 1 on both systems.

The one on FreeBSD 5.4 has 6GB or memory and the one
on FreeBSD 6.0 has 3GB of memory. I can run tests on
the 3GB system and will probably try FreeBSD/i386 on
it to see if it can see both CPUs.

Has anyone successfully ran FreeBSD/amd64 SMP on these

Thanks in advance for any info anyone can provide.


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