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Mon Jan 30 16:38:19 PST 2006

--- Graham Bentley <gbentley at> wrote:

> Hi All,
> I wanted to do a quick test of Apache21, MySQL5 and
> PHP5
> I tried a minimal install of FreeBSD 6.0 then
> pkg_add -r which
> worked fine up until PHP5 where I was told that
> Apache21
> conflicted with Apache13 that was to be installed as
> aPHP5 
> dependancy. I pkg_delete and went ahead with
> installing
> PHP5 then Apache13 but when I tried to pkg_delete
> Apache13 
> so I could install Apache21 was told that I coudl
> not remove it ?
> What the best way to do this ?
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If you were to start again from scratch - I use the
information on this page regularly to install
apache+ssl+php, it has very detailed instructions for
both apache13 and apache2:

To try and clean up what is currently there - it
sounds like a dependency on Apache 13 has been
created, so you need to find out what is depending on
it now, the following commands should tell you:

First of all, you need to know the exact name/version
of apache that is currently installed, type the


Near the top you will see an item for "apache....."

Now type this - the "apache..." part should be exactly
the same as what you got from the previous command:

pkg_info -R "apache...."

Now you will see all the packages currently depending
on apache - you need to remove them first before you
can remove apache.

Or maybe just start again using the info in the first
link at the top.

Regards, Tim.

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