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Mon Jan 30 15:51:51 PST 2006

Duane Whitty wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I wanted to check to see if I am using the proper etiquette
> when filling in my headers, especially when responding to
> someone's post.  Should I just let let my reply go to the
> person named in Reply-To or should I reply to the list and CC
> the poster, or is it the other way around?
> Thanks,
> --Duane Whitty
> duane

You did not mention what MUA you are employing. I am using KMail 
at the present time, but that does vary. In any case, see if 
your MUA has support for mailing lists. If it does, you can 
configure it to deliver incoming mail sorted into folders based 
on the list name, or some other criterion if you so desire. It 
is then possible to configure the MUA to use a set address, or 
addresses when you reply to mail from that folder.

It is usually considered incorrect to directly mail or CC a 
response to a poster unless they specifically requested it.

I presently employ that method, and it works fine for me.

Remember, 'Top Posting" is a negative factor.

Gerard Seibert
gerard at

	A: Because it reverses the natural flow of a dialog.
	Q: Why is top posting undesirable when replying?

	TOPIC: Posting Etiquette
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