WLAN not detected on Acer TM 292ECLi

freebsd at juiceless.net freebsd at juiceless.net
Mon Jan 30 13:25:23 PST 2006


anyone having WLAN working on an Acer Travelmate 290E? It doesn't seem to
be detected at all on my laptop, which is a model 292ECli. As a Centrino
laptop, it should have a Intel PRO Wireless 2200BG built in.

I installed iwi-firmware from ports, built a custom kernel (world and
kernel from -STABLE today) and checked that I have "options pci" and
"options wlan" in it, just as man iwi says. I tried to load iwi as module
with kldload, at boot time by setting if_iwi_load="YES" to loader.conf,
and also tried to build it statically into the kernel. At no time, I get
iwi mentioned in dmesg. kldstat says it is loaded when I load it

Also, the firmware is not found in /usr/local/libdata as mentioned on the
iwi-firmware webpage at
I'm not by my laptop right now so I can't check, but somewhere I read that
it is installed in /boot/firmware instead?

But the mystery is, why doesn't the adapter get detected at all? Something
I've missed? Anyone have ideas?

Otherwise FBSD 6.0 is a great release - the first one I have successfully
installed on the laptop. I've seen others having problems with Acer 2XX
laptops also, so I recommend installing 6.0, and enabling ACPI when
booting. Without, at least my panics, but acpi_load="YES" in loader.conf
to the resque!

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