serge websnaker at newmail.ru
Mon Jan 30 10:49:18 PST 2006

Frank Bonnet wrote:
>serge wrote:
>> Hi.
>> Help to adjust please apache-1.3.33 or apache-2 and a file httpd.conf.
>> I change some parameters in this file but I can not start
>> apache. Look please, that I do not so.  What it is necessary to make
>>changes in files srm.conf аnd access.conf ?
>># apachectl start
>> # /usr/local/sbin/apachectl:httpd could not be started.

>check in /etc/rc.conf if apache_enable is set to "YES"

Now to me it is clear. But when it is started apache2,
I set a command to a browser (Konqueror)  http://localhost/
that there is a following:

*** An error occured while loading http://loaclhost/
    Could not connect to host localhost

Please prompt something.


Best regards,
serge                          mailto:websnaker at newmail.ru

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