What functionality is provided by minimal install

Eric Schultz eric at schultznet.ca
Mon Jan 30 10:42:24 PST 2006

Good afternoon...

I did a minimal install from a 4.7 mini disc (yes 4.7, but this question 
could be quite generic) and I was wondering what I got.  I know from the 
sysintall help that a Minimal install is "just the base system."  But 
what _functionality_ is provided by a *base system*???

I did an ls -lR from the root of my machine after the installation to 
see what files I got.

I also added the man pages distribution, did another ls -lR, then added 
the ports collection and did a third ls -lR (this one was over 4 MBs, 
time to see if gzip is included with Minimal!!!).  So I can lookup what 
files I got each time; and I figure I can /man/ every file /bin, /sbin, 
/whatever/bin  but I was hoping that might already be documented somewhere.

So far Googling and searching gmane.org have not shown-up anything like 
what I'm looking for (The Handbook's section 2.6 does not provide any 
detail either).  Can anyone point me to a source?  Or let me know what I 
should do with that info if I end-up compiling it myself?


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