Which linux_base port to use?

Joel Hatton freebsd-questions at auscert.org.au
Mon Jan 30 04:07:40 PST 2006


I'd like to try a linux binary application (Arkeia backup server) under
FreeBSD R6, so naturally this means linux compatibility, but I'm a little
confused - until today I presumed that only one 'linux_base' port existed.
A brief inspection of the Makefile for linux_base shows it to be Redhat
7.3 level, but as 8 and 9 are available I don't know if I should choose
one of these later releases or another flavor entirely. I'm able to obtain
the software package for quite a few different linux distributions and
releases, and I don't need X11, so I guess I can narrow it down a little
that way as some linux_base* are more minimal than others, but I'd like
to pick the one that is most regularly maintained and least likely to cause
me issues down the track.

Any suggestions?

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