Firefox 1.5

Adam Nealis adamnealis at
Sun Jan 29 14:13:54 PST 2006

Andreas Davour wrote:
> On Fri, 27 Jan 2006, Frank Staals wrote:
>> Hmm I got a question regarding to Fx 1.5. Has anyone else noticed a 
>> tremendous slowdown when using 1.5 ? I especially mean when the 
>> popup-window opens to ask what you want to do with a download ( save 
>> it or open it ) then Fx hangs for about 15 seconds ( while the 'ok' 
>> button is not clickable ) then It continues again. Also Firefox 
>> crashed when I tried using an upload function ( to attach a file to a 
>> post in a forum ).
>> Anyone else had problems with this ? ( Using Xfce4.2.3.1 with gtk2.8.9 
>> here )
> Nope, but the person who decided to change the filerequester to a kind 
> that no other program on the planet uses needs to take a lesson in 
> consistency in gui design. That idiotic filerequester is a major problem 
> with 1.5 in my opinion...

I hate the "friendly" HTTP error messages. I haven't worked out how to 
get bare HTTP error messages yet.

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