Can not deliver to cyrus imapd

Anish Mistry mistry.7 at
Sun Jan 29 10:46:18 PST 2006

On Sunday 29 January 2006 13:12, Martin Schweizer wrote:
> Hello
> On my two machines (FreeBSD 5.4) I'm not able to compile sendmail
> with other mailer then the default ones. The hole thread and the
> details you can see in comp.mail.senmdail (link:
>ead/a9c1364a7b98be36/0e04b81274290cb3#0e04b81274290cb3 ).
> My goal is to use sendmail and cyrus impad 2.3. The problem is if I
> change the mailer in nothing appears. I also checked
> There are no other mailers the the default ones. I'm
> very confused about the problem. Any ideas are very welcome.
I'm using cyrus-imapd22 in production on a few servers with the base 
sendmail.  I'm assuming you have cyrus-imapd23 setup correctly.
# set the sendmail password check method
touch /usr/local/lib/sasl2/Sendmail.conf
# add "pwcheck_method: saslauthd" to use sasl database
# or "pwcheck_method: passwd" for normal login password checking
# add to /etc/make.conf
SENDMAIL_CFLAGS+=	-I/usr/local/include -DSASL=2 \
# set box specific .mc file in /etc/make.conf so upgrades
# don't wipe out our existing settings
# build shared sendmail libs
cd /usr/src/lib/libsm && \
make cleandir && make depend && make obj && make
cd /usr/src/lib/libsmutil && \
make cleandir && make depend && make obj && make
# now rebuild sendmail in the base
cd /usr/src/usr.sbin/sendmail && \
make cleandir && make depend && make obj && make && make install
# in for box specific .mc add
dnl set SASL options
define(`confAUTH_OPTIONS', `A p y')dnl
dnl define(`confDEF_AUTH_INFO', /etc/mail/auth-info')dnl
DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Port=smtp, Name=MSA, M=E')dnl
DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Port=smtps, Name=TLSMSA, M=Es')dnl
define(`confLOG_LEVEL', `13')dnl
# stop and restart sendmail
cd /etc/mail
make install
make stop
make start
# check if it worked!
telnet localhost 25
ehlo localhost

If you're trying to host mail for multiple domains you'll need to hack 
the local ruleset to not strip the @domain.tld from the address 
before it's passed to cyrus.  The -DSOCKETMAP in the SENDMAIL_CFLAGS 
is needed, but I use it with a special rule to verify the From: 
address that comes from a locally hosted domain is actually valid by 
looking it up via cyrus.

Anish Mistry
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