FreeBSD 6.0: Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop -> mouse not working???

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Sun Jan 29 09:58:07 PST 2006


I just finished my first FreeBSD 6.0 installation using the two CD image 
files, and my first problem is, that I can't get this optical wireless mouse 
to work.

The Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop consists of the receiver, connected to 
the PC by USB (also has a PS/2 connector, but it is not supposed to have both 
connected at the same time, and that connector is only to be connected to the 
keyboard jack), a wireless keyboard and a wireless optical mouse.

The keyboard is working, but the mouse does not do anything (except the LED 
always on).

Using the GENERIC kernel, USB is enabled (ohci & ehci on an Asus A7N8X deluxe 
motherboard), the mouse is found during boot as follows:

----- cut -----
# cat /var/run/dmesg.boot | grep ums
ums0: Microsoft Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop\M-. 1.00, rev 2.00/17.17, 
addr 3, iclass 3/1
ums0: 3 buttons and Z dir.
----- cut -----

usbd + moused get started, /dev/ums0 and /dev/sysmouse are present, but no 
mousepointer and no mouse-reaction.

"cat /dev/sysmouse" or killing moused & "cat /dev/ums0" does not do anything 
while moving the mouse.

It is definitely no hardware-problem, because everything is working just fine 
in WinXP & Gentoo Linux.

I already searched with google, in the bugreports, the mailinglists, &, and I could find quite some reports about 
similar problems with Microsoft / Logitech and other mice, but no solution 
(some patches were mentioned, but I could not find any success confirmation).

So is there any hope at all, to get that mouse to work properly?

If this is a commonly known issue, I wonder why nobody found a solution yet, 
some reports date back to the year 2003 with some older versions of FreeBSD. 
As I have read, USB support should have been improved in 6.0, and such a 
problem really should not be present any more.

P.S. I was not quite sure, if this is the correct mailinglist to post that 
message in. I am subscribed to 6 FreeBSD-mailinglists ATM, but 
freebsd-questions seems to be the most popular one.


A FreeBSD Prospect, who is actually using Gentoo Linux

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