Quickcam Orbit MP on FreeBSD?

Xn Nooby xnooby at gmail.com
Sun Jan 29 00:09:13 PST 2006

I bought a fancy Quickcam (face-tracking), though I have no idea how to make
it work with FreeBSD.  I installed qcamview, but when I run it as root, it
says "Not found Quickcam, or Permission denied".

Anyone know anything about Quickcams on FreeBSD?  I don't expect it to work,
but it would be cool if it did.  There seems to be very little information
on the net about qcamview.

I'd be happy to just snapshots with it.  I'm using FreeBSD 6.0 and Fluxbox.
The cam is USB 2.0.

Any suggestions?

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