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Vulpes Velox v.velox at vvelox.net
Sat Jan 28 22:01:03 PST 2006

On Wed, 25 Jan 2006 14:56:29 -0000
"FootballCALL" <footballcall at birchgroupuk.co.uk> wrote:

> Hi,
> I am based in the UK and wish to set up a wireless community
> broadband service to residents and businesses in my community. From
> my access point, I would like other users to 'share' my connection
> through wireless technology and therefore they will pay a nominal
> amount for their internet access.
> I therefore require a home page/login page so only registered users
> can use the connection, and also need to manage bandwidth of these
> users.
> Is this something you can help with?

The Motorola Canopy hardware appears is nice, from my experience
with them at work. Airspan works and is cheap, but does not appear to
scale as well as the docs say they should.

I would honestly suggest going static DHCP. PPPoE is a pita.

You can do a login page like this... every unregistered MAC gets a
IP# on a dead end network with a DHCP lease of a minute. When they
browse the net, they are directed to a login page for the first time.
They input the username and password. The CGI script grabs the MAC
and rebuilds the config for the dhcp server, unlocks the IP#, and
sets the mac statically.

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