Odd Graphics Issues

Jeff Molofee nehe at cruzinternet.com
Sat Jan 28 19:34:05 PST 2006

I've asked about this before, but received no replies... Thought I would 
ask again, now that it's happening again, and it's happening with a 
different port.

I'm running the latest FreeBSD 6. I have an Nvidia 5900fx and use the 
nvidia driver.

I had this problem awhile ago with webmin. What happened is as follows: 
I upgraded webmin, rebooted, and noticed an odd bar of graphics at the 
top of the screen. Every time I moved the mouse the graphics would 
flicker and move depending on the mouse position on the screen. It's 
very hard to explain the problem, but I will try through ascii :)


Hopefully that comes out lined up. Basically the top half of the screen 
(about the top 20 lines is random colored pixels). they cover up the 
gnome panel and anything else at the top of the screen.

I ended up removing webmin and the problem went away.

Yesterday I upgraded cups (using the new cupsd.sh), and noticed the bar 
has come back. If I add enable_cupsd="YES" to rc.conf or rc.conf.local I 
see the bar. If I remove it, the bar is not there the next time I reboot.

Can anyone tell me how or why this is happening?

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