Is there a how-to super-page for FreeBSD?

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Give the install guide at  a try.
What you call add-ons is what FreeBSD calls the port/package
A very simple command of pkg_add -r flash will download and install
And just like the other operating systems, you are on your own to
and use the add-on software you just installed.

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Subject: Is there a how-to super-page for FreeBSD?

There are several websites people have put together for Ubuntu that
every little step for configuring Ubuntu, is there such a page for

For example, tonight I installed Firefox, and wanted to install
Flash, Realplayer, and Java.  I was able to find Acrobat and Flash
by using
Google (the solution was at  Realplayer and Java I
need to find.

Here is an example of a really useful Ubuntu page:

The "Add-On Applications" is especially useful for people who have
just done
an install, and want their machine to be a "desktop" machine.

It just seems like the only way to find out things for FreeBSD is to
ask on
the lists, or Google a list archive.  It would be really great if
there was
a "super-page" that had all the common add-ons.  I use Fluxbox
instead of
GNOME or KDE, so  I prefer generic solutions.

I've been keeping notes as I play with FreeBSD, and will eventually
put up
such a page if no one beats me to it.  I'm still a FreeBSD nooby
though, so
it might take me a while.  There are some people here that bascially
how to do everything with FreeBSD, I guess I'm hoping they will put
something together (or maybe help me).
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