Ctrl+Alt+number terminal switching stopped working

Ian Moore no-spam at swiftdsl.com.au
Sat Jan 28 04:28:17 PST 2006

I've just noticed I can't switch from my X session back to the other vtty 
screens using Ctrl+Alt+1, Ctrl+Alt+2 etc.
I can't seem to find any info on this - is it a known issue or is it just my 
system? It seems to happen when running both kde & twm, so it's not window 
manger related.

I'm running 5.4-RELEASE and Xorg6.9 built from ports about a week ago. All 
ports up to date as of 3 nights ago.

gpg key: http://home.swiftdsl.com.au/~imoore/no-spam.asc

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