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Hello Jozef,

Saturday, January 28, 2006, 5:16:04 AM, you wrote:

JB> I wonder how people
JB> with a low-bandwidth Internet connection do to download the SP2 for Windows
I can buy pirate dvd with win2k + winXP sp2 corporate + winXP sp3 for $3 =)

JB> I came to FreeBSD, with the idea that it had a more homogeneous quality
JB> development model, downloaded the FreeBSD 6.0 boot CD and CD 1 and 2, and
JB> installed it on my PC, following the handbook.
As i know, CD2 is Live-cd. Not for install, but for repare.

JB> I knew UNIX is a toolkit intended to IT knowledge people, so it will never
JB> perform a breakthrough to the average desktop user. But my disappointment
JB> with FreeBSD was great.
FreeBSD not desktop system! It's for servers.
For desktop try Gentoo of pcbsd.

JB> In fact, to install FreeBSD, one needs already a lot of knowledge about the
JB> system. To acquire that knowledge, one needs experience on an installed
JB> system. But to have an installed system, one needs already a lot of
JB> knowledge about the system. That's the problem.
IMHO, you need someone for newbies. As ISBN 0-672-32206-4 (FreeBSD
from Brian Tiemann and Michael C. Urban) (in english. Maybe you need
do to shop and look someone else in german).

JB> The handbook doesn't tell you that, at the "last chance" message, you have
JB> to take out the boot CD and to insert CD 1. But if you don't do so, nothing
JB> gets installed.
You need boot from CD1 and install.
And, handbook is stupid. You need good book, not handbook.

JB> I have a cable Internet connection and my network card was recognized, but
JB> getting an IP-address with the DHCP service of my provider was impossible.
You need setup your net from sysinstall
Or "man ifconfig"

JB> Again, I had to look up with Google how to allow the firewall to get an
JB> IP-addres with my provider's DHCP.
As default, no firewalls enabled

JB> The locate command did not work, as the locate database seemed to be
JB> corrupted. I had to figure out how to rebuild this database.
After install you can run /etc/periodic/weekly/310.locate

JB> The root user had a csh, while ordinary users had a sh shell. I had to
JB> figure out how to provide the same shell to the root user and the other
JB> users, as all those virtual users are all one and the same person, me.
zsh much better
For change shell for user try "chsh"

JB> Why is it that FreeBSD people, who seem to be perfectly able to formulate
JB> correct algorithms for implementing UNIX concepts, and translating them into
JB> code, don't care at all about a novice user, providing him with an
JB> installation program that doesn't work as it should, even without a GUI?
Because FreeBSD not for "novice"... But good books can help you.

JB> imagine that people capable of developing such a complex operating system as
JB> Unix are unable to offer newcomers a correct and easy install procedure. But
JB> probably, that's not their concern.
Install procedure correct and easy. Except X =)
But X on server -- bad idea.

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