A strategic question

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Fri Jan 27 21:04:37 PST 2006

On 1/27/06, Jozef Baum <jozef.baum at telenet.be> wrote:
> if you want

If you want it, make it, pray for it,
or pay someone to do it.

I'll admit to having stumbled through the install
dozens of times, still learning.  Every day I learn
something.  But the point of calling it a "hobbyist"
operating system is to say that it is written and
designed by those who use it.  A more professional
operating system would be one written by people
who have no idea what the end user could or can
do, just code monkeys pushing keys.  The perfect
operating system would be written by people who
cannot or will not (or should not) use computers.
The perfect operating system makes bread and
rides a bicycle and knows which end of  a cigar to
point at a president.


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