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The following sounds like you are having a LINUX problem.
Threfore, you should post on the relevent LINUX Email list.

This is a FreeBSD questions list.   
FreeBSD is not related to LINUX.
It is a completely separate operating system.

Now, if you wish to upgrade your environment to FreeBSD
then this list will probably be a good resource for help
if you need it - although, the installation of FreeBSD is
straightforward enough and well enough documented that you
might not need it.


> Hi guys
> This is anirban here.Our offices linux server is connected in a network .I
> have deleted the pango rpm pango 1.8.1-2 while working on it but i dont
> delete the depencies of pango. I used the command
> rpm -e pango --nodeps.
> But after that i cant login in the machine and whenever i am tryong to login
> as a root user it is showing that root login are not allowed.Then i download
> the exact prm from internet and login in the single user mode on the damaged
> machine but i am not able to do ftp operation.
> Now i have two question
> 1) In single user mode is it possible to access resources from the network.
> 2) How to install this rpm . My machine doesnt have a floppy drive.
> I dont want to reinstall the os .I use FC4.
> With regards
> Anirban.
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