Encrypted syslog over network

Erik Norgaard norgaard at locolomo.org
Fri Jan 27 05:22:07 PST 2006

Andrew Pantyukhin wrote:
> On 1/27/06, Erik Norgaard <norgaard at locolomo.org> wrote:
>> Hi:
>> I was thinking, is there any way of secure syslogging to a different
>> server?
>> AFAIK syslog uses udp/514 and I would like to monitor a number of remote
>> hosts.
>> Now, for privacy and security reasons, I would like that the syslog
>> messages are sent encrypted. This may require pre-shared keys as the udp
>> protocol does not include a handshake and key exchange.
>> Any solution for this? syslog-ng doesn't seem to include such feature.
> It's 2006. IPSec is the answer.

Yeah, I considered that, but then you have the problem with NAT, 
something lighter would be neat.

Cheers, Erik

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