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Dan O'Connor dan at ferrarishields.com
Thu Jan 26 16:33:59 PST 2006

> Does anyone know of a good free log file analyzer that can show where 
> a
> visitors entering via a search term browsed?
> Ex. User xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx entered via a search for "puppies"
> visited /lab.html
> visited /care/fleas.html
> visited /beagle.html
> ended visit
> All of the free ones I know of only show a list of search terms - not
> any type of tracking.

Boy, wouldn't the Government LOVE to subpoena Google for that info!!!

Generally speaking, there's no way to track what links a user actually 
clicks on in search results. Once a page has been delivered to the end 
user, clicking on


won't notify the search engine that it's been clicked.

HOWEVER, if your search engine has a CGI script that redirects links, 
you can track it. An <A> tag such as:


will return to the search engine server (or wherever you want) where it 
can be logged and then forwarded to the actual destination.

So, it *is* possible, but the system needs to be set up ahead of time...


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