strange problem with ipfw and rc.conf

Arne Woerner arne_woerner at
Thu Jan 26 16:03:33 PST 2006

--- gahn <ipfreak at> wrote:
> 65335 locking out everything). I have to do "sh
> /etc/ipfw.rules" in order to load the rulesets, once I
> did that, I can access the box from remote locations

It helped me, to look at /etc/rc.firewall... There are some
comments, that might give u the right hints...

Maybe firewall_enable should be YES?

E. g. my /etc/rc.firewall.bartely file cannot be executed with
sh... But maybe I still did not understand ipfw...

My /etc/rc.firewall.bartely contains rules like:
add pass log all from any to
add deny log all from any to any

And in rc.conf my firewall_type=/etc/rc.firewall.bartleby

And I use default firewall_script=/etc/rc.firewall


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