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Thu Jan 26 06:00:48 PST 2006

I have leased a dedicated host for several years with
who is located in Kentucky and been very happy with their pricing,
service and responsiveness.  Basically, I just told them what version
of FreeBSD I wanted on the server and they loaded it.  They sent me
the root password and they haven't touched it again except at my
request.  It's worked out great for me.  They are very friendly to
open-source communities, so if you tell them you heard about them from
me on the freebsd-questions mailing list, they might even give you a
discounted rate.  I recieved a discounted rate when I heard about them
through the local LUG anyway...  I don't get any perks for any of
this, in case you're wondering.

I would send questions about rates to support at if you're


On 1/26/06, Nathan Vidican <nvidican at> wrote:
> Robin Becker wrote:
> > I'm sure this must be a FAQ, but couldn't find much about it. My company
> > has a need to do some dedicated hosting for a client application.
> > Googling provides many adverts, but how is one to make sense of all the
> > competing offers.
> >
> > For whatever reason my boss seems to think we should do some kind of
> > linux hosting. I disagree because I'm old and tired and don't want to
> > struggle with rpms or debs or whatever.
> >
> > I need recommendations for good reliable freeBSD hosting. The brief
> > calls for two geographically separated machines. Probably we require
> > modern python cgi, but perhaps not root access.
> Check:
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