Building a FreeBSD system.

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Thu Jan 26 03:51:59 PST 2006

Anthony Dematteo wrote:

>I am interested in building a new computer, with the intention of
>running FreeBSD AMD/64.
>I am, however haveing trouble finding a mother board with support
>listed in the hardware database.  (Mostly for onboard audio)  Is it
>reasonable to belive that these audio devices will follow a normal
>spec, and the FreeBSD will run them? Is there a good possiblity that
>if they are not listed in the hardware.txt that they will not work at
>all?  What about onboard ethernet?
Asus A8V Deluxe.  On board audio, ethernet (and pretty much everything 
else) work fine, but the usual advice is that add-on audio cards are 
usually much better than on-board ones.  Depends what the audio is for, 
I guess.

You won't find motherboard compatibility listed, because it's pretty 
much impossible.  However, find the chip sets on the motherboard and use 
google.  Always worked for me.


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