navigating between html & php

Ian Lord mailing-lists at
Wed Jan 25 19:26:31 PST 2006

At 20:16 2006-01-25, fbsd_user wrote:
>Thank you for replying but
>creating the directory or permissions has
>nothing to do with my question.
>Please reread original post.

Sorry, read too fast :)

The function to redirect the user to another page is

header ('Location:');

This will do a http redirect, you must make sure the script has not 
sent any output, otherwise the redirect will fail.

Instead of redirecting the user, you might do the following

use require, require_once, include, or include_once to inclure the 
content of page1 this will have the same effect

Regarding your error while checking if the directory exist, can you 
post the exact error php gives you ?

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