Touchpad Mouse and Battery Monitoring

Jonathan Herriott herriojr at
Wed Jan 25 19:15:58 PST 2006


I've been trying to get my touchpad mouse working.  I am able to get a
USB mouse working no problem, but when I went into xorgcfg and tried
to setup another mouse, it had issues.  I eventually gave up at that
point so I could get everthing else working well enough to get on the
internet and send this.

Now I have KDE set up, and this is where my next issue comes in with
there being no battery monitor.  I've been searching around, and it
says that there should be a battery monitor that comes with KDE. 
Well, I don't see it, and I don't have a Power Configuration portion
under the KDE Control Center.  I'm assuming FreeBSD has support for
ACPI?  Is there something I need to download to get this working?

My last issue is the wireless.  I have an intel PRO/Wireless 2100
card, and I can't use it with encryption.  If I turn encryption off on
my router, it works.  Obviously this is bad.  I saw somewhere that all
I have to do is type:

kldload wan_wep

but it can't find wan_wep.  Any ideas on that?

Thanks in advance!


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