smbclient failure

Brian Sobolak brian at
Wed Jan 25 18:18:11 PST 2006

Gerard Seibert wrote:
> I have posted this on the SAMBA forum, but without results. Perhaps
> someone here can assist me.
> I am networking three WinXP Pro machines with one FreeBSD 5.4 PC. The
> network seems to work correctly; however, I am still unable to get the
> following command to work correctly. The x's replace the correct entry
> obviously. This problem exists no matter which WinXP machine I attempt
> to view the shares on. In this particular case, one WibXP machine is
> named 'boss'. This is not a domain but rather a simple peer to peer
> setup.
> smbclient -Lboss -Uxxxxxx%xxxxxxxx

Working from memory since I don't have a box in front of me, but:

1a) Did you check /var/log/ to see if SMB generated any logs that might
help you?

1b) Did you look in event viewer on the XP machine to see if it gave you
any tell-tale information?

2) Read up on encryption in Samba.  In the past when I've encountered
problems like this, it's often because of different/conflicting encryption
settings.  (e.g. Samba is not encrypting the request, XP is.)

> I decided to run the command as root preceeded by 'truss' so I could
> generate a debug output.


I'd dig a little deeper into the logs and configuration options before
assuming a kernel problem.


Brian Sobolak

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