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fbsd_user fbsd_user at
Wed Jan 25 11:17:32 PST 2006

Hello list.
I am running FreeBSD 6.0/apache 1.3.33_2/php 4.4.0/mysql 4.0.25.
I am beginner in coding php. In past only added php code to
count visitors to home page.
Now I want to build application to host user
web site as directory on my server.
I want to use native html as much as possible in what is
seen by user's browser and keep the real functional php code
in a common file on my server so it does get seen by anyone.

At this point I am just creating the navigation base code to
implement this concept. Below is listed 2 files.
page1.php is the native html page1 passing a form to the
common main.php code workhorse. The idea is main.php will
receive the form from page1.php and process the make dir
and then return to the page1.php to show any errors or
goto page2.php if make dir worked.

In main.php the line to check the dir_name for 0-9 a-z
gives error and I don't know what is wrong.
Also I can not find any function in php manual to
(goto or branch to) the native html page I want.

Is what I am trying to do legal?
Is there a better way to do this?

Thanks in advance.

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"
<p>Setup your personal website by first chooseing your 8 character
website name. </p>
<form method=POST action="main.php">
<input type="hidden" name="action" value="dir_add">
Web Name:
<input type="text" name="dir_name" input maxlength="8" size="8">
<input type="submit" value="Add">
</form> <br />

if($dir_error == "yes") {print ($dir_error_msg);}

// this is the main work hourse php script the performs all the
functions of this application

$today = date("Y/m/d");         // in yyyymmdd format
$directory = (DOCUMENT_ROOT);   // home dir of server files
usr/local/www/data from global var
$user_ip_addr = (REMOTE_ADDR);  // ip address of user viewing this
page  global var
$dir_error = "";                // set to null

//[[:alnum:]]  matches any letter or digit (can also be expressed as
[a-z0-9] )

if($_POST['action'] = "dir_add") {
   $newdir = $_POST['dir_name'];
   if(eregi("[[:alnum:]]", $directory$newdir)) {
         if(file_exists("$directory$newdir")) {
         $dir_error = "yes";
         $dir_error_msg = "Your web site name is not available, try
a different one";
         goto("page1.php");   // return to page1 and display error
          mkdir("$directory$newdir", 0707);
          goto("page2.php");   // return to page1 and display error
   $dir_error = "yes";
   $dir_error_msg = "Enter alphanumaric content only, Try again";

// notice following is all comments.
/* if($_POST['action'] = "user_signup_infor_add") { add code here
later }
   add as flat file to dir "users"

 if($_POST['action'] = "user_wedpage_infor_add") { add code here
later }
 add as flat file in user created dir from above

if($_POST['action'] = "user_webpage_infor_display") { add code here
later }
 pass text wysiwyg to native html page

if($_POST['action'] = "user_webpage_infor_edit") { add code here
later }
take returned text data ad replace content of flat web page file */

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