linux_base-8 fetch & # of ports errors

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Wed Jan 25 07:17:54 PST 2006

"Anthony M. Agelastos" <iqgrande at> writes:

> Hello everyone,
> Several hours ago, I tried to upgrade linux_base-8 on my 6.0-STABLE
> box and it ran into many fetch problems, which can be seen below.
> Prior to this upgrading, I upgraded xorg without problems and after
> the failed troubleshooting, I had the machine install Firefox and it
> fetched it and built it without problems. Does anyone have any
> suggestions? I checked the archives and did not find anything. I

The servers don't seem to have that RPM, and the ones I checked (from
my copy of the port, which doesn't seem to match yours) had, if
anything, an older version.  I don't know the right place or version;
I'm having a little trouble wandering around the various FTP servers...

> CVSup'd from if that has anything to do with it. While on
> the topic, I noticed earlier today that when I first issued the
> portupgrade command, it rebuilt the package database and it mentioned
> that there were 13,3xx packages... last time I checked the website it
> listed over 14,000 and I have my cvsup file set to d/l all groups.
> Any ideas? Thank you all for your continued assistance.

I've got a hair over 14000 entries in the ports db this morning.

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