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Wed Jan 25 07:01:21 PST 2006

Hi Steve,

I've responded to your messages in-line below:

Steve Camp wrote:

>I need to setup a web forum for a friend, and sure could appreciate
>some pointers.
>Some of my questions/issues include:
>1)  Which forum software runs on FreeBSD?
>    By forum software, I am referring to programs such as 
>        o phpBB
>	o vBulletin by Jelsoft
FreeBSD supports several different programming languages - including 
PHP. Any kind of forum software that is programmed in these supported 
languages should be able to run without too much effort on a FreeBSD 
system. If you do you something free/open source like phpBB, be sure to 
keep it up to date and patched. It's a common target for script kiddies 
once an exploit has been found.

>2)  Suggestions for hosting services
>    At a recent Colorado SAGE meeting, a fellow told me that hosting
>    services exist where I can get a "virtual Linux" box for $20/month
>    or so.  I specify how much physical memory, disk space etc. that I
>    need, and I get a "virtual Linux" system, but for all intents and
>    purposes, it looks and acts like it's own system.
>    Does FreeBSD have any similar ability to "virtualize"?
>    Are any hosting services offering FreeBSD servers for as little as
>    $15-25 / month?  If not, for how little $/month might I find a
>    FreeBSD server hosted by someone else?  Recommendations of hosting
>    services welcome.
It sounds like you're talking about VPS's, or Virtual Private Servers. 
These are becoming very common-place n the Internet. This link should 
get you started:

>3)  Is anyone familiar with web forum software?  Can you point me to
>    any of: 
>        o Usenet groups
>	o Web forums for forum admins
>	o rules of thumb for estimating bandwidth requirements /
>	  system sizing for estimated numbers of users?
Forums take up very little space and bandwidth in general, but as always 
it depends on what you use it for and what you allow your clients to do 
with it. If you're just running a default install, a couple MB should 
get you covered.

>Many thanks,
>Steve Camp
>Camp Technologies, LLC
>steve at

Hope this helps!

Warm regards,
Jordan Michaels
Vivio Technologies

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